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World Maker

The nine phases of Organon 9 Worlds

Express the trajectory of a Parabola arc, moving from the insular and familiar, to the radical and challenging, through the quest for meaning, and then back to home where the traveler is now transformed - a hybrid of where they began, and where they traveled.

Below is a brief description of the nature of each phase, complete decks with more fully detailed descriptions available in the Shop.

3 Familiar-comfort phase and inspiration

The number Three card embodies the bright optimism of youth, resourcefulness, and inspiration. It is about the cycles of life and orderly, measured occupation within an insular environment, with time taken to experience the exquisite perfection that is woven into the everyday – waiting there silently to be acknowledged.

5 Domestic-familial phase and imagination

The Number Five phase represents the outer edges of the imagination and getting in contact with the uninhibited subconscious mind of childhood, the one that believed in an array of colorful beings like the Easter Bunny, the invisible friend, and that thing under the bed. It is also about the shining qualities of fastidiousness and idiosyncratic techniques for organizing.

9 Inventive-entrepreneurial phase and curiosity

The theme of the number Nine card is adventure, the desire to strike out on a new journey, and with a clear agenda in mind. This card can represent an exciting trip abroad, or a quiet exploration of one’s hometown, a field trip researching native species or geology, charting eco-systems, or mapping terrain. Working with construction and wood in any capacity is also favored by this phase.

11 Radical-mark making phase and inspiration

The number Eleven phase is associated with the shadow aspects of life, and symbolizes the desire to impress - either in accord or in contrast to one’s environment. It also represents connoisseurship, and classic organizational systems, making sense through dialectical thinking, dissection, and deconstruction.

8 Theatrical-extremes phase and imagination

Those who are attracted to Eight are generally not wall flowers — or will not be for long. The number Eight phase is one of extremes, of dualities. This card involves the outer ends of creativity, an exploration of extremes, expressed theatrically in an outrageous, brash or glittering way or in an austere futuristic or sci-fi form.

13 Emotional intel-sensual phase and curiosity

The number Thirteen phase is deeply involved with the concept of passion, gathering sensory information and developing emotional intelligence, as well as an interest in appearance as sexual signifier. It is a phase that can be volatile due to the spotlight on full spectrum experience, but also potentially deeply generous and connective.

7 Quest-champion phase and inspiration

The number Seven phase is about looking for answers to the deeper questions of life. This is often when things held to be true and lasting are seen to be possibly artificial and fleeting, prompting a period of wandering either physically, mentally, emotionally or all three. The search is to find metaphysical answers but can at times become a kind of endless journey with an answer seen in every new perception.

2 Clearing-silence phase and imagination

The number Two phase represents retreat and clearing out, letting go of the past/present/future, and going to the bottom of the well to make room for a transformed self. This card reminds us that at times it is important to set aside all judgment in order to see the inherent polarity - the marriage of dark and light – that exists in all things. This helps us to accept the entire self and the world at large by extension.

12 Purpose-world making phase and curiosity

The theme of this card is finding your purpose. The number Twelve phase is about looking from a higher perspective, seeing your life, and all lives, as a series of significant, historical, encounters and using the information gathered from this viewpoint, to shape positive action in relation to personal world making and the world at large.



The World Cards in the Organon 9 Worlds Deck are associated primarily with the exploration of existence through 9 phases in the creative process, using elemental ways of exploring: inspiration, imagination, curiosity.

(Further methods of exploration will continue in Persona Cards and Unknown Card - to come)