rebecca purcell

World Maker

Organon 9 Worlds

Is it possible the colors, images and objects we love, like (and dislike) are revealing information about our interior life - a kind of mystery we can decipher? Does personal, aesthetic attraction have hidden meaning?

The search for an answer occupied much of my adult life and my conclusion is yes. Yes aesthetic attraction has hidden meaning. And yes it can tell us something about ourselves, specifically something about the creative process in relation to our lives.

Throughout my various careers in creative fields, I have been exploring creativity, while searching the spaces between object, meaning, matter and spirit. The result is an elaborate and detailed expression of the creative process represented by a series of 9 distinct aesthetics - a project I call Organon 9 Worlds. In 2015 I translated this project into a set of 9 cards, designed in the tradition of Tarot, yet referencing an entirely new source for insight.

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It all started with a tiny yellow leaf

I was 5 years old

On a rainy day in late summer the collected rain from a passing thunderstorm was rushing into the drainage hole in front of our house

I watched as a very small, yellow, oval leaflet lazily floated by

As the leaf gained speed with the pull of the drainage, I lunged forward and scooped the leaf up just as it began its decent into the blackness

I sat back on the lawn and stared at this small, tender object in my dripping palm and said out loud to no one - “Three”

I sensed this tiny leaflet had a kind of essence, or soul, and it was giving me a message that came in the form of a number and its number was 3

On that day a small but significant part of me found a sense of purpose


This predilection for numbering objects continued through out my childhood, expanding to include color

Then drifted away with the onset of my teens

At twenty-six I had second period of synesthesia brought on by what felt like an attack of the visual senses

I started manically listing all of the colors and objects that I felt intrinsically had an associated number

Objects chosen were directly linked to symbolic associations I had with these objects

But also effort was given to their being symbolic to others who shared my societal milieu

Things allotted the same number seemed to share an aesthetic similarity and eventually the list settled into three groups of three – nine, aesthetic, numbered categories in all

Some one faced with the task of creating nine visual categories that encompassed the majority of common, western, aesthetic styles would no doubt have groupings different than mine

But I believe they would be similar

The numbers synesthetically chosen to represent items in each category is perhaps the most personal aspect

However here too, there is reference to both current and ancient numerical associations

In the following years I used this list as both a repository for information and as a tool for self-exploration, aesthetic examination, and creative inspiration

Currently Organon 9 Worlds is represented by copious written pieces ranging from an aesthetic exploration of Pollidori’s photos, to the nature of Lapis. As well as hundreds of images categorized in ten portable cases, a collection of small, numbered, paper boxes filled with tiny found objects, a growing body of hand made art pieces (A.K.A. souvenirs), and a deck of cards.