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Remnants of Hybridization

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I have a strong attraction to European, 18th century objects. The textiles from this era were perhaps the most exquisite ever produced, dense silks, outrageously inventive botanicals with hybrid fruit and flora, trollopy, elaborate toiles. However the jewelry was a bit crude — this is what I like about it.

Over the years I have gathered a collection of semi-precious stones set in silver, as well as clear glass mounted gems that felt 18th century - in flavor.

I pulled all of these out and decided to challenge myself to use every piece to create necklaces reminiscent of a the 1700's, using elements and materials from the 20th century. 

Digging deep into the grab-bag of my sculptural skills, I obsessively rearranged and tweaked — to my surprise it took several days before I found a pleasing composition that utilized the majority of the materials. 

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