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Tiny Conceits

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Inspired by 18th century, miniature portraits, I felt “Tiny Conceit” expressed both the idea of self adoration as well as alluding to perhaps a thinly veiled expose of some royal debacle — a little performance that is an exaggeration.

Small oval frames were very much in vogue during the 1700’s, usually housing miniature portraits - the equivalent of a snapshot that could be carried in a pocket or purse — portable art — a favored theme but I am not entirely sure why. My guess is that it has something to do with a constant nagging desire I have to wander — just pick-up and go. 

Symbolically the oval represents both an egg— the cosmos, incubator, rebirth — and an eye — third eye, gateway to the subconscious etcetera — deeply esoteric. Both the egg and the eye are also associated with the philosopher’s stone…

An oval frame is a great hoosh item. It is fetching for the brain to encounter a rounded line among all those rectangles and squares that dominate the wall. An oval is a respite.

These are made from humble materials, felt, plastic, fabric scraps, wire and paper, this occupies another thematic realm I return to over and over; making something from nothing — or from very little. In this case specifically making a fancy thing from humble things — hi-end out of low-end. A little yearning of for wealth/nostalgic grandeur is partially in there, as well as a desire to create regardless of financial circumstances. This latter aspect is the greater draw (I think, I hope). I have always refused to be daunted by lack of funds. 

Note: This is an item that I think is an ideal craft. Not only is it small and fairly easy to create but best of all it can be used as a kind of empty canvas for endless designs. Like a reggae beat, it is great as a crowd pleasing, underlying framework for virtually any object inspiration. I have designed well over a hundred.

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