rebecca purcell

World Maker

The Portraits Series stands at the intersection of contemporary photography and the narrative tradition found in classic portraiture from the 17th through 19th century.

Each image in the series is carefully choreographed using elements taken from both the personal and collective history of the sitter, and further expanded by several additional layers of reference and meaning.

Using clues, symbols and markers through costume and surrounding set, the portraits reveal the unique identity of the sitter, as well as the universal, multidimensional and trans-historical nature of human existence.

Portrait Series: Labor Portraits

In the Labor Portraits the history and culture of the environment was sourced for material, as well as 15th century Crivelli paintings, traditional German folk costume, and turn-of-the-century labor cabinet cards.

Working with collaborator and fellow artist J. Morgan Puett, photographer Jeffrey Jenkins, artist Natalie Wilkins and a host of visiting fellows as well as the laborers depicted, a series of thirteen portraits were created showcasing the various labor practices involved with the running of an artist’s residency in the Catskills called Mildred’s Lane.

Jeffrey Jenkins Photographer

Jeffrey Jenkins Photographer

Portrait Series: Lauren Minoogian

The Minoogian Portraits emerged from a collaboration between knitwear designer Lauren Minoogian, myself and photographer Jeffrey Jenkins. The images combine references from Lauren’s vocation, her partial Native American heritage, and elements of the wild - interwoven with Organon 9 Worlds, an elaborate nine-part matrix that attempts to coalesce specific, aesthetic styles into a series of phases in creative production.

Jeffrey Jenkins Photographer

Additional Portraits

Heather Greene and Tatter Magazine

This portrait was done in collaboration with Jordana Monk Martin, Marta Elena Vassiliakis, Barbara Pearsall, myself and Heather Green, for an Issue of Tatter magazine. The concept was to stage an elaborate bed setting centered on the idea of some one who spent most of their waking hours in bed eating berries and pastries, conjuring imaginative tales, and writing with antiquated ink pens.

Gary Graham Archetypes Project

An ambitious project involving an extraordinary collection of artists, sets, props, fashion styling and head accessories. Each image was based on a specific character conceived by Gary Graham to reflect seven, contemporary, heroic archetypes that laid the groundwork for his 2016 Fall collection: Kara Walker as the General, Parker Posey as the Magician; Sunrise Ruffalo as the Seeker; Alexandra Marzella as the Poet; Naomi Yang as the Scribe; Jennifer Nettles as the Shepherdess, and Gina Gershon as the Clairvoyant.

All clothing designed by Gary Graham, styled by Gary, Rebecca Purcell and Morgan Selin. Sets were created in collaboration with Gary Graham, Rebecca Purcell, J. Morgan Puett, Cameron Clavson.

Photographer: Alex Antitch; Hair: Cecilia Romero; Head pieces: Rebecca Purcell and Gary Graham; Make-up: Sara Glick